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Acharya English Medium Higher Primary School

Acharya English Medium Higher Primary School, M.G.Road, Gowribidanur

Our National and Rural Education Association is our society. So we have our emblem as "Sa Vidyaya Vimukataye".The school was the first high school in the taluk started in the year 1943 with the development of our Gowribidanur Town.

Our Acharya English medium primary school was started in December 1974 under the leadership of Dr. Raja Ramanna, the then director of Bhaba Atomic Research centre, Hossur. Primary section had one and 12 children and was seen under the guidelines of the then principal and secretary Sri. Srinivasa Iyengar. Within a year we could get good strength. As the strength of the school improved, the higher primary school was started in the year 1978 in the building. Due to the increased demand from the parents, the second section in all the classes was introduced in 1985-86. Today we have 20 staff members and nearly 560 students.

On the suggestions of the parents, the nursery section was started in the year 1981. Today we have nearly 100 children with 3 staff members. In addition to the academic progress, great importance is given to co-curricular and extracurricular activities for the all round development of personalities of student. State syllables is being followed and special coaching class before regular classes have been conducted for the benefit of the needy students. Every year our students participated in the following activities. Speech contest and essay writing competition conducted by Dr. H. Narasimhaiah National High School Hossur. Cultural programme competitions arranged by our local clubs and National festival committees. Chintana Prakashana, National Chintana Science examination, Chitradurga. Hobli level, Taluk level and District level sports conducted by the education institutions.

Facts & figures Strength
2013-14 468
2012-13 511
2011-12 539
2010-11 582
2009-10 620

Sl.No Faculty
1 S.H.Haleshapp, M.A, MEd, M.Phil Headmaster
2 S.Sathyan, B.Sc, B.Ed Asst Master
3 Mahamed Khaleel, S.S.L.C, C.P.E.D P.E Teacher
4 Arifabi BA, B.Ed, Asst. Master
5 G.Narayanappa, BA, B.Ed Asst. Master
6 Veena T M.Sc, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
7 K.N.Raghavendra, BA, B.Ed Asst. Master
8 T.Savitha, B.Sc, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
9 G.Narasimha Murthy, MA, B.Ed Asst. Master
10 A. Varalakshmi, BA, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
11 A. Gayithramma, BA, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
12 Madhusudhan, MA, B.Ed Asst. Master
13 Lakshmi Narayana, MA, B.Ed Asst. Master
14 R. Saroja, B.Com, D.Ed Asst. Mistress
15 Masera Banu Hindi, B.Ed Asst. Mistress
16 G.Shoba Rani, P.U.C D.Ed Asst. Mistress
17 A.R. Shalini, P.U.C D.Ed Asst. Mistress
18 M.V. Raghavendra, P.U.C D.Ed Asst. Master
19 K.A. Radha, P.U.C D.Ed Asst. Mistress
20 Manjula M.L BA Comp. S.D.C
21 G.Shoba Babu S.S.L.C Peon


State syllabus is being followed first language English, second language Kannada, third language Hindi, core subjects Science, Mathematics and Social studies, apart from syllabus general knowledge, computer, English grammar books cursive writing Kannada copy writing, Hindi copy writing, music classes, dance classes tought. In Co-curricular activites putanni vignana science talent exam, kannada prathiba parikshe, National level General knowledge exam conducted in our school since from ten years it helps the student through lot.

In sports our students participated Hobli level taluk level district level and state level they won different prizes. In basket ball both boys and girls team entire the state level since from ten years our school students successively from eight years First place in district level and entire into the state level. Every year our school enroll the renewal of recognisation in addition to this we conducted monthly tests examinations and other programmes from the department time to time our head master had staff meeting every month observed the issues of all the teachers gave positive suggestions checked and scrutinized the home works and dairies of pupil evaluation process had gone time to time suggestions from the parents management accepted and materialized rules regulations and norms of the department followed and expected duties and responsibilities of the teachers are evaluated and given positive suggestions and stress has given for moral characters building education its addition to other values. Special classes for the week students is going on most of the dept officers and others have expressed their satisfaction with respect to have progress of the students with the co-operation of management our teachers do hard work to over all development of the students to give respect to elders and competition among the children we are also improve morality in the heart of students. “Education and values imparted in childhood more important than the education received in college and university” so education at primary pre-primary and higher primary is very important to mould the good character among the students which becomes the basis for a total personality of individual step we are heading to give such individual to the society.